UHC #4

Here it is!!! The long awaited UHC #4. This amazing event will be tomorrow so PLEASE show up 😀 .

To see the rules please look at this link: http://ftb.frostis.se/?p=206

Hope to see you all tomorrow at 19:00

Signed players:

  • p4k3
  • oettam_
  • karlimons
  • bbq92
  • chillblood

4 thoughts on “UHC #4

  1. Gamefacee

    Wish I could join but I have something in the mornings on sundays… for me it would be 11 AM and I couldn’t join until atleast 12:30

        1. Gamefacee

          not possible D:, would be too early for me to be able to get on… after 12:15 though I would be able to… well good luck!


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