Monthly Archives: September 2014

Worlds ended

Both the CrackPack and the Monster server have now been stopped and archived. VERY low activity on the servers (<1 players joining every week).

I have placed a backup from today of the world in the World archive.

The server/servers will return when the new packs are released. Haven’t picked what pack we will run. I will also look for active players on a couple of forums when the servers start so there will be more players online.

Stay tuned…

World reset

When 1.7.10 packs are out there will be a fresh server put up. To begin with there will be only one server up instead of the two that are up now. Will hopefully also go out on the hunt for new players so the server are active instead of the wasteland they are atm.

The space engineers server isn’t up atm. Will probobly return at a later date.