Monthly Archives: January 2014

Config changes

As many of you know – I like the game hard. Following changes have been implemented.

Quarries are now one time use you will need to craft a new one after each use.
Pumps will no longer work in the nether on lava.

Updating Monster to 1.0.7

The server will be updated today to 1.0.7. You can see the changelog here.

Once again, you will need to remove your Monster-folder in the launcher install dir.

Upgrade canceled for the time being, world id missmatch after upgrade on connect. Will research and try again later keep using 1.0.5.

Monster server upgraded

Server now runs 1.0.5, also disabled alot of stuff in adv genetics. You will probobly need to remove your monster-modpack folder and let the launcher redownload it for it to work when upgrading your client. (Both me and alth98 had to do that anyways)

The nick command

Im too lazy to figure out if there is a way to disable the /nick command. So from now on – if anyone uses the command I will ban that user for 1 week. If the user does it again, the ban will be permanent.


You have been warned


New UHC round will be on Sunday 5th January 2014 and will start 18:00 CET/GMT+1. Bring your friends! 🙂

Woops – sorry Karlimons 😉
Going to have to move the event – IRL stuff was apparently planned for Sunday…

Prices will consist of:

Medal of Honor Origin Key
BF3 Origin Key
Morph abilitys on the FTB server for a week or two.