Monthly Archives: September 2013

UHC #5 Winners

This UHC we played with 8 people in 4 teams:
bbq92 & karlimons
P4k3 & oettam_
_afterlife_ & alth98
swiftrooster & froken01

And now the winners:
1st place: karlimons (stabbed bbq92 in the face)
2nd place: bbq92 (stood by karlimons side)
3th place: froken01 (lava in the house he build)
4th place: swiftrooster (skeleton)
5th place: _afterlife_ & alth98 (creeper double kill)
6th place: p4k3 (Tired of life :P)
7th place: oettam_ (fell)

Good game and hope to see all of you back in the next UHC.

Second server

What do you guys (and girls) think of a second server running the 1.5.2 minecraft? What modpack should it run? Unhinged or Unleashed?

I myself is kinda leaning towards unhinged because it seems to suit me better.

“Unhinged is a tech based modpack with magical elements created to show off a vision of Minecraft where all the mods are balanced against each other to form a more challenging modpack. Unhinged is targeted at players who want to extend the early game and then offset that with the ability to create huge production facilities later on.”


Unleashed is the spiritual successor to the ultimate pack… And I feel it is a bit too bloated…