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Kavin1337 banned

Griefing hardcore style, other serveradmins be warned… Do NOT whitelist Kavin1337 on your minecraft server.

Luckily we caught it early so rollback was only ~1h.

So if you made anything between 20:00 and 21:xx today (Sunday) it will be lost…

UHC #4 Winner

So a little recap of the UHC:

  • 5 players joint the event
  • There were no teams, every man fought for himself
  • One hour late gamestart due the undecided way off playing + choas XD

1st place: bbq92 (fight vs Karlimons)
2nd place: karlimons (fight vs bbq92)
3rd place: chillblood (cavespiders)
4th place: oettam_ (spider)
5th place: p4k3(fight vs oettam_)

Good game see you in the next UHC

UHC #4

Here it is!!! The long awaited UHC #4. This amazing event will be tomorrow so PLEASE show up 😀 .

To see the rules please look at this link:

Hope to see you all tomorrow at 19:00

Signed players:

  • p4k3
  • oettam_
  • karlimons
  • bbq92
  • chillblood

UHC #3 Winners

Good game guys (and girl)

Some stats for this round:

  • 9 players joined this event.
  • 3 teams with 3 players in each.
    bbq92, karlimons, chillblood (Winners)
    _afterlife_, oettam_, alth98 (2nd place)
    srixer01, P4k3, Trippple (3rd place)
  • One teamkill – no names mentioned 😉
  • One hour late on the gamestart because of P4k3-n00bness


Prepare for the next even by looking for other players that can be interested in joining 😉

Powersuits and twilight

Both mods has been removed from the server. Twilight because I think it creates load on the server that’s not necessary. Modularpowersuits because they aren’t balanced at all… Essentially quantum armor that you can build in the beginning of the game…

People prolly lost some resources they invested in the suits… Give me a list of the stuff and I will refund resources…

UHC #3

There will be a new round of ultimate hardcore Wednesday 19:00 CET (GMT+1) next week (7th aug)
See previous posts about the rules – just search for ultimate on the site.

Leave a comment on this page to signup.