Monthly Archives: July 2013

Map reset

Because of lack of selfcontrol the world was reset premature and server is running FTB Ultimate 1.1.2.
Whitelist cleared of inactive players, players who have been active the last couple of months is still whitelisted.

A word of warning! If in fact my fear of world incompability turns out to be true, the map will reset AGAIN when MC 1.6 + RP2 is out.
But as always, you will get access to the world-data under the page “World archive” if you decide you don’t want to reset if it comes to that.

Difference between default configs (so far)

forgeIRC added for “offline” communcation with players.
Portalguns don’t spawn in world and isn’t craftable – reason for this is they chunkload.
mystcraft books aren’t craftable.
world anchors aren’t craftable – use chunk loaders instead, they will however only work when you are online.
Only ops can create twilightforest-portals.