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TDM UHC Round 2

New round of TDM UHC, get your friends to signup so we get a shitload of players this time! 🙂
The event will be on Friday (5/7) starting 18:30 (CET aka GMT+1 aka Swedish time/Norwegian/French timezone). Make sure to set a reminder if you signup.

It will be team deathmatch if there are alot of players, if there aren’t so many we will do every man/woman for him/herself.

Check the post from the last time for a description of the event.

Signup by leaving a comment on this page.

Signed players:


Vanilla server (Kinda)

There is a server running minecraft 1.5.2 up and running while we wait for FTB 1.6. You can reach the server on, there is no whitelist required. Also there are no rules against griefing or killing. Every man/woman for himself! 😉


User Hours
bbq92 215,5
oettam_ 122,8
Addoz1 118,0
srixer01 114,5
karlimons 112,1
wouter503 111,7
Sweminer44 108,7
Nath41337 81,5
P4k3 43,4
Mac_bozz 40,9
Toumeitou 26,7
alth98 24,0
Smush83 12,9
technopiston 12,2
malvack 11,4
daveb1999 9,4
MeGoRage 8,8
Satoz 6,4
ipoody 3,2
oggexboy 3,1
GinaGoesWild 2,1
laserboy123 1,8
Humbolt 1,8
S3ns1n 1,7
Gamefacee 0,8
Bondeuzz 0,7
Billybobjoey 0,2
llr 0,1
brute83301 0,0
h3ndy_ 0,0
Tha_Troller 0,0