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Banned player

Player laserboy123 has been banned because he steals. Hopefully Google picks this post up and warns other server-admins about this player if he asks for whitelist.

One player had +1 stack of advanced solars + some ultimate solars that got stolen, they where later found in the inventory of laserboy123 when reading the .dat-file.

Playtime update


User Hours
bbq92 106,0
srixer01 105,1
wouter503 99,2
alth98 82,3
Nath41337 81,5
oettam_ 79,5
Smush83 79,5
karlimons 77,1
Addoz1 65,1
Sweminer44 55,6
P4k3 39,8
oggexboy 37,8
Mac_bozz 35,2
Toumeitou 23,2
technopiston 11,9
daveb1999 9,4
MeGoRage 8,8
Satoz 4,1
ipoody 3,2
GinaGoesWild 2,1
malvack 2,0
laserboy123 1,8
Humbolt 1,8
S3ns1n 1,7
Tripppel 1,1
Bondeuzz 0,4
Billybobjoey 0,2
llr 0,1

Team Deathmatch Ultra Hardcore

This Sunday (19/5) there will be an special event – It will start 10:00 CET (GMT+1).

How it works:

  • 3 players per team
  • Last team with a member still alive will win
  • No regeneration of health just by having hunger-bar on full – you can only get health back with potions and with golden apples (Apple+8 gold bars)
  • Minecraft 1.4.7
  • Mobs are on hard-mode
  • There will be a mumble server available for teams to use – with password protection on the channels – you can use other ways of communication if you want
  • If the game for some reason should last for more than 12h the game will be paused and will continue on a later date – this isn’t likely but on the safe side
  • World will be limited on a 2k square


  • Maximum duration you can disconnect without being disqualified is 10 minutes
  • If you need to eat during the event you will need to AFK
  • Disconnecting on purpose to avoid death will also disqualify you
  • You should use an unmodified version of Minecraft, no mods are allowed – that includes Optifine (Sidenote – cheating here will result in ban on the FTB server)

How to apply for a slot:

Leave a comment on this page with the following information

  • Minecraft IGN
  • If you want to be randomly placed in a team or join one with friends
  • Country you live in


The server we will use is up and running on – feel free to practice.
To access the client for Minecraft 1.4.7 I use this tool:

Make sure to backup your .minecraft folder – I lost my waypoints 😉


Random team (Might change)

  • P4k3
  • Karlimons
  • srixer01
  • daveb1999
  • Toumeitou

Team “Dutch FTW”

  • bbq92
  • oettam_
  • wouter503

Team Värmland

  • Nath41337
  • Slot reserved (?)
  • Slot reserved (?)

Top Players

Player gametime (since Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:30)

Nath41337 76,9
karlimons 68,2
wouter503 68,0
srixer01 66,5
alth98 57,5
Smush83 49,2
Sweminer44 45,4
bbq92 42,3
oettam_ 40,1
Addoz1 37,0
P4k3 33,9
Mac_bozz 26,8
oggexboy 21,0
malvack 16,0
Toumeitou 15,9
Tripppel 9,5
daveb1999 9,4
technopiston 7,2
MeGoRage 5,5
ipoody 3,2
Satoz 2,6
GinaGoesWild 2,1
Humbolt 1,8
S3ns1n 1,7
Bondeuzz 0,3
Billybobjoey 0,2
llr 0,1
h3ndy_ 0,0


Top players

I plan on posting updates on this every now and then…

Player gametime (since Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:30)

User Hours
Nath41337 41,7
Karlimons 40,8
srixer01 28,2
bbq92 25,7
P4k3 25,3
wouter503 22,0
Sweminer44 18,5
oettam_ 18,2
alth98 12,8
Tourmeitou 10,0
daveb1999 9,1
Malvack 9,0
Smush83 8,7
mac_bozz 7,2
technopiston 7,2
Tripppel 2,7
oggexboy 0,8
Satoz 0,2
llr 0,1
h3ndy_ 0,0


New important rule regarding portals!

If you use portals in the end or in the nether – NEVER leave them up when leaving the world. It will cause the world to be kept loaded and cause lag for everyone. Failure to follow this will result in loss of portalgun privileges.

Regarding IRC

If you don’t know how to use IRC or don’t have a client I recently found a good IRC Chrome App named CIRC

Install it and follow the instructions, connect to the server and join the channel #minecraft