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Update on the dw20 problems

First the good news, server seems to be stable once again.

The bad news, and you might wanna sit down… All minefactory reloaded blocks have been removed from the world, by removing the mod, running the server. Then stopping the server and readding the mod.

New server up – Pack direwolf20

New server with fresh world now up and running.

Version that is running is the latest as of this post version 1.0.1
You can reach the server on address:
Whitelist is turned on, apply for whitelist the normal way.

First round of config changes include, will probably be more changes later:

  • Hats does not render
  • Chunkloaders inactivity timer 1440min (24h)
  • Morph is whitelist only (Whitelists might be used for rewarding players later)
  • Advanced genetics abilities disabled (I feel they are too overpowered)

Worlds ended

Both the CrackPack and the Monster server have now been stopped and archived. VERY low activity on the servers (<1 players joining every week).

I have placed a backup from today of the world in the World archive.

The server/servers will return when the new packs are released. Haven’t picked what pack we will run. I will also look for active players on a couple of forums when the servers start so there will be more players online.

Stay tuned…