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The Building Game

We are planning to play the map made by Sethbling: The Building Game. As you may or not may know it requires 7 players. If you want to play please leave a comment. We will be playing this the next weekend. Hope you can join us. -Bbq92
The following players have agreed to play:

  • Alth98
  • Bbq92
  • FakeMessiah666
  • Oettam_
  • Gamefacee

Sethblings video:

UHC #5 Winners

This UHC we played with 8 people in 4 teams:
bbq92 & karlimons
P4k3 & oettam_
_afterlife_ & alth98
swiftrooster & froken01

And now the winners:
1st place: karlimons (stabbed bbq92 in the face)
2nd place: bbq92 (stood by karlimons side)
3th place: froken01 (lava in the house he build)
4th place: swiftrooster (skeleton)
5th place: _afterlife_ & alth98 (creeper double kill)
6th place: p4k3 (Tired of life :P)
7th place: oettam_ (fell)

Good game and hope to see all of you back in the next UHC.

UHC #4 Winner

So a little recap of the UHC:

  • 5 players joint the event
  • There were no teams, every man fought for himself
  • One hour late gamestart due the undecided way off playing + choas XD

1st place: bbq92 (fight vs Karlimons)
2nd place: karlimons (fight vs bbq92)
3rd place: chillblood (cavespiders)
4th place: oettam_ (spider)
5th place: p4k3(fight vs oettam_)

Good game see you in the next UHC

UHC #4

Here it is!!! The long awaited UHC #4. This amazing event will be tomorrow so PLEASE show up 😀 .

To see the rules please look at this link:

Hope to see you all tomorrow at 19:00

Signed players:

  • p4k3
  • oettam_
  • karlimons
  • bbq92
  • chillblood