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World reset

When 1.7.10 packs are out there will be a fresh server put up. To begin with there will be only one server up instead of the two that are up now. Will hopefully also go out on the hunt for new players so the server are active instead of the wasteland they are atm.

The space engineers server isn’t up atm. Will probobly return at a later date.

Space Engineers server

A Space Engineers server has been started, not exactly FTB related (Not that the CrackPack server was either).

You can join the server on address (Will get another hostname soon)

More info on Space Engineers can be found on those sites called YouTube and Google! 🙂

Team UHC #7

Time for a new round of Team Ultimate Hardcore.
For the ones who isn’t familiar with what it is here is a short description.

  • Server runs vanilla minecraft
  • Health regeneration is turned off so the only way to get health back is through golden apples (Recipe changed from nuggets to bars) or with health potions.
  • You only have one life, when you die you are out of the game.
  • Teams will consists of 2-4 players, depending on how many players joins from the start.
  • Disconnecting longer than 5min will result in disqualification.
  • World will have borders, borders will shrink as the game goes on.

Please leave a comment on this post if you plan on joining, also pro-tip – add a calendar reminder so you don’t forget about it.

Date: 2014-07-07
Time: 18:00 CET (GMT+1)
Mumble server:



Some updates on rules

If you use a portalgun in a dimension that isn’t the overworld. Remember to NEVER leave them open. They cause the dimension to stay loaded and causes unnecessary load on the server. If this rule isn’t followed I will remove portalguns from the server.

Secondly, running quarries in the nether isn’t allowed.